Laura Bazante Salon
 23 Post Road West * Westport, Ct.

On the corner of the bridge

Covid Requirments: We are a boutique salon with two chairs and stylists. Laura is extremely careful of covid requirements for our clients and myself. 



1.Masks are required when entering the salon. 

2 Clients wash their hands then the stylist. 

3.Ear strings on masks can be tucked in so clear

the surgical tape can be applied, for comfort and best service results.

After shampooing a client the shampoo bowl, leg stool, door handles inside and out, and pen holder, are sanitized. After every appoinntment is finished, the armrests and cutting chairs are sanatized. 

Fresh air is very important so we open the door as often as we can.

Custom ventilation system that pulls the air directly out of the buildings so the salon air is never stagnant and always circulating.

Your mask can be protected from color or getting in the way of a haircaut by tucking the ear loops in and clear surgical tape is applied to the sides to hold mask in place.  

If there is anything you need please just let me know.

                                    Laura Bazante


                        Accepts check, cash, venmo 

                   Avaliable Wednesday and Thursdays


*Street parking is avaliable on Riverside Avenue in front of Noya jewelry or Arezzo Restaurant  

Post Road paarking iin front of toy store,deli is to the bridge.