Laura Bazante Stylist
23 Post Road West * Westport, Ct.

On the corner of the bridge
located in "The Artist Loft"

As masks are no longer required for those vacinated as  Laura is you are welcome to wear one or Laura to make any client comfortable.
Salon has a ventalation system that removes the interior air to a outside shaft.

The door may be opened if you like and Laura has stick on masks avaliable without strings for propoer hair services.
The salon is a boutique two chair service salon.

                                    Laura Bazante
                        Accepts check, cash, venmo 
                   Avaliable Wednesday and Thursdays
                     facebook at laura bazante stylist

*Street parking is avaliable on Riverside Avenue in front of Noya jewelry or Arezzo Restaurant.
On the 
Post Road in front of the toy store or Winfield Deli to to the bridge.